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Martijn Meima

The art of Facilitating Business Constellations

Webinar the Art of Facilitating Business Constellations

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In this webinar I share my 15 years of experience and knowledge about business constellations.
You will also experience a do-it-yourself constellation to find out if business constellations are something for you to explore further.

At the end I share how you can learn the craft of facilitating business constellations:

  • Online training in which you learn to use business constellations in 1-on-1 situations
  • In-person training in which you learn to use business constellations 1-on-1 and in groups

If you already have some experience facilitating constellations, you can deepen your skills and learn from my style in the following workshops:






















































What is money to you? Final step

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We all have ideas about money: lessons we learned about money, truths we learned from our parents, and collective concepts about what money is and what it means to us. The first step in creating more freedom regarding money is by becoming aware of your relationship with money.


Make a list of what money means to you.

Money is ...
Money is ...
Money is ...

Use as many rows as you need.


Take another 5 minutes.

When you are ready, take 5 more minutes to jot down a few more lines. Deeper beliefs and assumptions will often emerge at this point.

Finish the whole list before continuing.

Only when you completely finished your list, you continue by clicking Next.

Replace "money is ..." with "I am ..."

Take some time to observe what happens inside you.